Project outcomes

Whether it’s an application, a website, or a virtual reality sequence – you will gain an overview of our digital prototypes and our approaches for education and interpretation here. We present the discoveries we make during the development process in the form of reports, guidelines, and tool kits.

For now, the following section is in German only. In the coming months, the English version of this website will continue to grow, so keep coming back!

Usage information

What type of results does the project provide?

Prototypes: In museum4punkt0, we create many digital products with varying degrees of maturity: from simple mock-ups for feasibility studies and functioning technical prototypes to fully-developed applications.

Knowledge: In studies, progress reports, and aids such as guidelines and tool kits, we reflect the development process and share our discoveries.

Digital reproductions: From Fastnacht (carnival) processions to terrestrial isopods – in the course of museum4punkt0, many collection objects have been newly digitized and born-digital objects such as 360-degree films and 3-D models have been created around the project partners’ focal topics. You can use them for your purposes.

How are the results of museum4punkt0 licensed?

Digital applications: The software developments financed or developed by museum4punkt0 are published under an open-source license (GNU GPL, MIT License, etc.). For details, see the information pages for each application. When sub-components that are subject to license are used in the overall application, we provide the newly-developed sections of code as open source without the components subject to license. In the code documentation, we indicate the existence of the sub-components subject to license. In the source code, we comment on the assets (images, videos, etc.) for which we only have limited rights of use.

Our reports, guidelines, etc. are published via Creative Commons licenses that are as open as possible. Third-party rights potentially apply to image material that the documents contain. These rights are indicated accordingly.

What can I do with the digital applications from museum4punkt0?

Watch – Some of our digital products are web-based and can be  viewed / played using current browsers.

Use – We are pleased to provide our finalized digital products for use free of charge. We provide the data files and notes on installation and maintenance and you provide the hardware. You will find contact points in the detailed description of the relevant application.

Adapt – Virtual time travel, not virtual trips to the moon; scrollytelling on contemporary history, not on Fastnacht? Our prototypes have been developed for specific applications and subject areas, but they are not limited to their original purposes. Use the source code or concepts that were developed in museum4punkt0 freely and adapt them to your own content.

Develop further – Our prototypes can be extended by new functions or adapted/changed for use in new applications. But you must pay attention to the relevant license and stipulations on changes to existing products, their further development, and sale contained in the license.

For details on the conditions of use, please see the license information of the relevant application.

Will I have to pay for it?

We provide the software and documents developed in the course of museum4punkt0 to other cultural institutions free of charge. But please be aware that depending on the type of use, costs may accrue for hosting and support, hardware and installation supervision, for example. Adapting source code and developing it further as well as creating editorial content all require extra work that you will have to either do in-house or outsource to external service providers.

How do I access the files?

Via this website – You will find download links for all the documents in the project on this website. Web-based digital applications are also linked from this website.

GitHub developer platform – Would you like to modify our results? You or your service provider can visit the museum4punkt0 account on GitHub. You can download source code and files for our digital applications or create software for your own digital project on that platform.

Contact us directly – Subject matter, content, and functions are already a perfect match? Of course, you can use fully functional applications just as they are. We would be pleased to provide you with the data files. You will find the contact points on the information pages of the relevant application.