museum4punkt0 – Digital Strategies for the Museum of the Future

About the Joint Project

museum4punkt0 links seven cultural institutions nationwide in a joint project. In close exchange, we are testing and evaluating innovative applications of digital technologies in museums.

The six partners involved in museum4punkt0 reflect the wide spectrum of museums in Germany: We are a group of cultural institutions of various sizes and different profile. Our collections represent facets of the history of art, culture, as well as nature studies, cover aspects of intangible cultural heritage and illuminate the history of science and technology.

Our goal is to arouse people’s curiosity about museums as spaces for discovery and experience, encouraging their exploration of museum-based subjects and providing opportunities for active participation.

What we do

In six sub-projects, we develop digital prototypes to facilitate new forms of communication, participation, education, and knowledge transfer in museums.

museum4punkt0 also intends to support the enhancement of digital expertise across institutional boundaries. With this in mind, in this joint project we maintain close communication about requirements, approaches to implementation, and standards when developing digital applications.

Find out about our work

Experience the History of Migration Digitally

German Emigration Center

The team in Bremerhaven is testing digital storytelling formats as a means of creating experiences online and inside the museum of the rituals, ideals, and debates around migration.

Carnival – Intangible Cultural Heritage in Digital Environments

Museums of Swabian-Alemannic Fastnacht

How can the intangible aspects of customs be digitally experienced and knowledge of them interactively transferred? The carneval museums Fastnachtsmuseum Narrenschopf and Fasnachtsmuseum Schloss Langenstein are researching precisely this issue.

Humboldt’s Cosmos in a Digital Space

Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss

Investigating objects, encouraging visitor identification – gaming approaches and interactive digital tools enable visitors to act as curators.

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